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What is the difference between kap/LFA (kundalini activation process/LIFE FORCE ACTIVATION) and innerdance?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in my Instagram DMs. There are probably as many answers as there are facilitators & I can only give an answer based on my personal experience.

The modalities are very similar and you can tell that they originate from the same source. But to me and those I’ve had in sessions who have tried both, the experience of them is surprisingly different.

To me, KAP is more physical & explosive, with lots of movements & strong emotional releases. Innerdance is softer & deeper, with more stillness, visions & meditative states. In Innerdance, the build-up is gentle & comes & goes in waves, whereas in KAP, the energy is more straightforward & constant throughout the session. Innerdance may however be explosive & physical, and KAP may contain stillness, visions & deep meditative states. It all depends on where you’re at & how deep you go into each modality.

A bigger difference is the explanatory models. I would not describe Innerdance as a Kundalini activation or awakening. Nor is it an energy transmission. In Innerdance, we use music to shift brain waves into Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta states, guiding participants into trancelike states. From here, the peripheral nervous system & in particular the autonomic part is activated. Body movements or shakings that can occur is most often nothing but a somatic response to when the body & nervous system releases trauma.

KAP has meant a lot to me. I practiced it passionately for almost 2 years before I found Innerdance. By releasing so much that I needed to release via KAP, I prepared myself to go deeper & explore a somewhat more mature energy with Innerdance. Once I switched from KAP to Innerdance, my energy became much more grounded, focused & stable - not only in sessions but in life.

Trust that you’ll be guided to whatever modality is right for you atm. And ALWAYS choose a facilitator or trainer that you feel safe with - and who is truly embodied in what they teach.
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Innerdance and the autonomic nervous system

Innerdance activates the peripheral part of the nervous system. In particular, it works the autonomic part, which contains the sympathetic (aka fight or flight) and the parasympathetic (aka rest and digest) part.
In sessions, working through the sympathetic part of the nervous system is expressed by the more intense parts of the session. Such as movements or emotional releases like screaming or crying. While being in the parasympathetic part is expressed through Delta states - deep relaxation, stillness, spaciousness, and oneness. The playlists are designed to shift your brainwaves into these different stages, taking you through the 12 stages of awakening.
In a session, you may notice your breathing slowing waaaay down. It’s because your nervous system is so relaxed your body doesn’t need as much oxygen.
Movements and/or shakings that occurs in a session CAN be a Kundalini activation - but most often it is nothing but a somatic response to when your body and nervous system release trauma. Many animals shake after a trauma response to release the trauma from their body.
Knowing these more theoretical approaches is super important to me. I LOVE the spiritual aspects of this work. But to stay grounded and keep my and my clients feet firmly rooted to Mama Earth I think its important with a knowing of what is happening and why.
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can innerdance make you vulnerable to "evil spirits"?

Short answer: NO!

Long answer: I recently received a question from one of my clients about whether to look out/protect yourself from evil spirits or energies during sessions, as you are in such an open and vulnerable state. It’s not the first time I hear this concern so I wanted to address it with a proper post.

I don’t believe in evil forces, spirits, entities or energies. I believe everything we encounter in an Innerdance session or any other healing modality are aspects we carry within ourselves. Being human is to experience light AND darkness, love AND pain, joy AND sorrow, etc.

The goal is not to live in only “love and light”. That would mean missing out on the human experience. To feel is to heal and the greatest joy often comes from going through and allowing the deepest sorrow.

Everyone is allowed to believe whatever feels true to them. But if I were to meet a spiritual practitioner who talks about “evil entities” as something that can hurt, possess or somehow “enter” me, I would run the other direction. It doesn’t align with my beliefs and values.
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my six most important life lessons of 2023

As the year is coming to an end I am reflecting back on what I learned. 2023 was the year I became an Innerdance Facilitator, quit my 9-5, started my own company in a foreign country (Spain), fell happily in love and entered a relationship with my dream man. These are my top six lessons learned:
💸 Investing in myself always pays back threefold.
💎 My capacity reaches far beyond my beliefs (and so does yours because we’re all human beings with endless capacity).
💫 When one door closes another one will always open. Let go of things that are no longer in alignment.
🌱 Being scared doesn’t necessarily mean that something has gone wrong; it means that I’m growing.
☁️ When I truly commit to working towards a dream, I can turn it into reality.
🪐 The only way to become the future me I want to be is to start feeling and acting like that future version of me.